The region of Ribera Baja in Valencia is located south of the Albufera Natural Park and bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, from El Perelló to the beaches of Favareta. Its two most populated municipalities are Sueca and Cullera. In general, all these municipalities live on rice growing and tourism. We will find many villas located all over the coast, but surrounded by many areas of apartments and hotels. Between the coastline of this region you can find very touristy beaches with lots of people and restaurants and many kilometers of almost empty beach to enjoy the walk.

Villa in the region of Ribera Baja

Below you can see the villas available for sale or for rent located in the area of Ribera Baja.

Municipalities and urbanizations of the region of La Ribera Baja

The region of La Ribera Baja is one of the smallest in Valencia, with only 280 km2 of land. Much of this land is composed of rice paddies and the population is located in coastal and urban areas. In total, we have 12 municipalities, Sueca is the main center. The areas of villas are almost exclusively located on the coast, the place chosen to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, both by tourists and by the inhabitants of these municipalities, whether to live or to enjoy the week-end and summer.

Transportation services in the Ribera Baja region

The entire coastline has a public transport service that connects with the city of Valencia, both bus and train, but the schedules are very limited and in general the vehicle is used as a means of transport. In the interior area of the Ribera Baja region we have the A7 and A38 motorways.

Real estate in the region of La Ribera Baja

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