Here you will find the villas in L’Eliana available in Chalet Valencia, use the sidebar to limit your search by urbanizations or features. At the end of the page you have a map of the urbanizations and information of interest of the City of L’Eliana.

L’Eliana is the town with greater density in the area of Camp del Turia, the high demand has in recent years pushed up their prices above the average of the surrounding municipalities.

Villas by urbanizations in L’Eliana Valencia


Real estate in L’Eliana

Use the search form on the right to find your villa or plot in L’Eliana or another area of Valencia. If you are looking for the help of a real estate agent in La Eliana, offers you its experience and a direct deal with the owners. For any doubt, fill in the contact form of Chalet Valencia, one of the real estate agents of L’Eliana.

Villas in L’Eliana

For sale:298.000€
Chalet de obra nueva en Montesol La Eliana

2 New construction villas for sale in Montesol La Eliana

2 New build villa for sale in Montesol, La Eliana. The indicated price is the price of the finished house, in the current state, its ...
  • 212m2
  • 640m2
  • 5
  • 3
  • No

For sale:399.000€
Chalet La Eliana con estilo moderno

Villa with modern style in La Eliana to reform

Villa with a 1300m2 plot in the Montepilar urbanization, just 2 minutes walk from the Valencia Metro stop, and very close to all the services ...
  • 350m2
  • 1300m2
  • 6
  • 3
  • Si

For sale:257.000€
Se vende chalet en Montealegre La Eliana

Renovated villa on 1 floor in L’Eliana

Renovated villa in the Montealegre urbanization, very close to the Iale school and the Hada crèche, 10 minutes walk from Metro stations at La Eliana ...
  • 150m2
  • 830m2
  • 4
  • 1
  • Si

For sale:850.000€
Chalet de lujo en La Eliana

High luxury villa in La Eliana Valencia

High luxury villa in La Eliana, 20 minutes drive from the city of Valencia and located very close to the International IALE School, in the ...
  • 500m2
  • 1700m2
  • 4
  • 3
  • Si

For sale:595.000€

Large villa in urbanization Montealegre L’Eliana

Large villa in the Urbanization Montealegre in La Eliana , very close to Valencia Metro station and 3 schools. This large villa in the ...
  • 500m2
  • 1250m2
  • 6
  • 4
  • Si

For sale:237.000€
Chalet en Montepilar La Eliana

Villa in La Eliana adapted for wheelchairs

Detached villa in Montepilar urbanization, 1km from the Metro stop in La Eliana, with a plot of land and housing adapted to a wheelchair. The ...
  • 125m2
  • 945m2
  • 4
  • 2
  • Si

For sale:85.000€
Chalet barato en Gallipont La Pobla urbano

Cheap villa in Gallipont La Pobla urbanization

Small villa in the Gallipont urbanization, with a 600m2 urban land plot and 80m2 house built on 1 floor. Well connected, just 18 minutes by ...
  • 80m2
  • 600m2
  • 5
  • 1
  • No

For rent:3.000/m
Espectacular cocina en chalet de lujo en Montealegre L'Eliana

Luxury villa for rent in Montealegre L’Eliana

If you're looking for rent a luxury villa in La Eliana to enjoy this area of ​​Valencia during a long stay this luxury villa for ...
  • 474m2
  • 963m2
  • 4
  • 4
  • Si

For sale:250.000€
Chalet junto ambulatorio La Eliana

Villa in the town of La Eliana next to ambulatory

Semi-detached house right next to the La Eliana ambulatory, with 195m2 built on 1 floor, ideal for people with mobility problems who seek easy access ...
  • 195m2
  • 295m2
  • 4
  • 2
  • No

For sale:240.000€
Adosado con piscina junto Osito La Eliana

Townhouse with community pool next to El Osito La Eliana

Semi-detached house with community pool next to the El Osito La Eliana shopping center, just 14 minutes drive from the city of Valencia and 1 ...
  • 220m2
  • 100m2
  • 3
  • 3
  • Si

No available:295.000€

Villa with spa for rent in Montealcedo

FOR SALE, RENT AND RENT TO OWN Large villa in Parque Montealcedo de Ribarroja urbanization, less than 2km from the Metro stop in La Eliana ...
  • 270m2
  • 952m2
  • 5
  • 4
  • Si

Not available
For sale:180.000€

Villa on 1 floor next to the Helios L’Eliana school

Villa with pool next to the Helios School La Eliana, in the Pla de la Paella urbanization, just 12 minutes from the city of Valencia, ...
  • 95m2
  • 560m2
  • 3
  • 1
  • Si


About L’Eliana

If you are thinking of buying your villa in L’Eliana maybe this municipality information will be of interes. For example if you have children you need to know where the schools are located in L’Eliana, or the plot of the villa you’re looking at is located on a quiet street or traffic of cars or finally where you can take the bus or the subway to go to work every day to Valencia.

Schools and Institutes in L’Eliana

The City of L’Eliana offers this location information of all the schools and institutes in L’Eliana, you see the offer is varied and almost all the villas that are in L’Eliana are close to one of them, but you must keep in mind that not all are equal, there are public, private and state and you’ll see if the school or college you like most of L’Eliana close to the plot or villa you’re looking. Check it on the map of schools in L’Eliana.

 Map de schools in L'Eliana
Map de schools in L’Eliana

Traffic in La Eliana

Looking for tranquility in a villa in L’Eliana or any nearby urbanization to Valencia?, if that’s one reason that search you to buy a villa in L’Eliana and still not know the town of L’Eliana thoroughly with this map busiest streets will be very helpful to know that main streets most of the vehicles on the streets of L’Eliana moves. You should bear in mind that Valencia is very close and much of the population of L’Eliana used the car to work, so besides the traffic can also consult the exit points that accumulate more traffic to hit the CV-35 to Valencia.

Traffic in  L'Eliana Valencia
Level of traffic in the streets of L’Eliana Valencia

As you can see most of the streets are urbanizations where the villas have a very low traffic, even the streets in green can considerer that despite not being in excess quiet not come to disturb the rest. If we reduce it to the streets marked in blue in the map will be very easy to find a villa in L’Eliana to avoid those streets.

Transport to Valencia

But you need not take the car to go to Valencia, L’Eliana has always had available the famous “trenet” that brought us to Valencia in one hour, but with the arrival of the metro and 2 bus lines that serve all municipality of L’Eliana these times have been reduced to half an hour, more than reasonable time to get our work every day without having to park in Valencia. Check below points from where you have access to public transport to Valencia.

 Publico  Transport L'Eliana Valencia
Public Transport L’Eliana Valencia

Urbanizations in L’Eliana

There are more than 15 urbanizations in the municipality of L’Eliana, some more important than others, but we try to group villas to urbanization to which they belong, the City Council has not set the exact limit between them and what we are offering most important areas in which divided the town of L’Eliana and urbanizations that belong to each of these areas.

Mapa areas L'Eliana Valencia
Map areas L’Eliana Valencia

Here you can see the urbanizations included in each of the areas that define the municipality of L’Eliana for the municipality.

Population in L'Eliana by urbanizations

Historical chart population of L’Eliana

The location of L’Eliana is placed on the right bank of the Turia River as it passes through Ribarroja. With a old tradition of villas that had its small housing boom with the arrival of trenet that allowed bringing people of Valencia. Since those years its population has grown steadily, reaching the town with the highest population density in the region of Camp del Turia to 1880.91 inhabitants per km2, according to Wikipedia , where virtually all the plots are urbanized.

Evolución de la población en La Eliana

L’Eliana has always attached great importance to its urban villas and has established various urban development plans based on the urbanizations or areas where the plots are located. Based on these standards will know, for example, how far the boundaries can place the pool, how many m2 can build, etc …

On the page of each urbanization we will collect specific information but here we attach link to the general information of the City of L’Eliana with the general planning regulations. It is very extensive because it includes details for areas and urbanizations.

Check here the planning regulations of the Ayto. of L’Eliana
Check here the classification of the plots in L’Eliana

If you do not know the names and locations of the urbanizations of La Eliana use the map of urbanizations of L’Eliana.

Urbanizaciones de La Eliana
Map of urbanizations of L’Eliana

If you want to share data of interest to know the town of La Eliana write down and publish comments should be of interest. Thank you for your contribution.

Pictures of L’Eliana Valencia

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Commentaries about villas in L’Eliana

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