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The Municipality of Paterna is located in the region of L’Horta de Valencia, and term limits with the same municipality of Valencia, offering great value to their land by the close proximity to the capital of the province. This is evident in the urbanizations of Paterna, in addition to its proximity, they have easy access to public transportation, both Metro and bus.

Villas in Paterna Valencia

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For sale:290.000€

Terraced house in Valterna with pool, sauna and gym

Townhouse in a private urbanization located in Valterna, just 8 minutes from the city of Valencia and less than 1km ...
  • 215m2
  • 68m2
  • 4
  • 3
  • Si

No available:(-€)

Villa in La Cañada next to Metro Valencia

Villa in La Cañada, next stop Metro Valencia, in an area fully consolidate with little car traffic, surrounded by houses ...
  • 356m2
  • 616m2
  • 5
  • 4
  • Si

Not available
No available:(-€)
Oportunidad chalet canyada piscina pinada

Semi detached villa in La Canyada with pinewood

The urbanization La Canyada of Paterna, besides being one of the closest to Valencia and better communicated by road bus ...
  • 260m2
  • 200m2
  • 4
  • 3
  • Si

Not available

Information about Paterna

If you are thinking of buying your villa in Paterna, you have a large area of 36km2 where to look for the ideal place to meet your needs, as the municipality of Paterna, besides limiting with Valencia, bordered to the north with Bétera, east Godella and Burjassot, south of Quart de Poblet and Manises and west Riba-roja, L’Eliana and San Antonio de Benagéber, but the area has to offer more villas in Paterna is the area of La Canyada, which borders the forest La Vallesa and the municipalities of L’Eliana and San Antonio de Benageber.

Mapa de Paterna y municipios de alrededor
Map of Paterna and municipalities

Paterna location is ideal, close to all points of interest surrounding the city of Valencia and from where it is easy to access anywhere thanks to the network of roads and trains that cross the municipality.

Schools and Institutes in Paterna

The offer of schools and colleges in Paterna is very extensive, not only to meet the needs of the municipality, with more than 60,000 inhabitants, but to offer multilingual quality that attracts students from other municipalities around daily. We offer multilingual between the French School and the British College La Canyada. The links you can find more information about their educational offerings. In the following link you can see all the educational opportunities offered by the city from the Education of the City of Paterna .

Oferta de colegios en Paterna
Educational offer in Paterna

The French Lyceum in Valencia receives many students every year from abroad. If you are looking for a villa near the French Lyceum of Valencia, the nearest area is this municipality of Paterna, where the urbanization of La Cañada and Montecañada is located, which is only 4km away.

Transport to Valencia

If you live in Paterna in a villa is very likely to live in the area of La Canyada, it is generally necessary to have own vehicle when we live in a villa but Paterna has many stops of public transportation, both bus and Metro Valencia, and this can greatly influence your purchase decision if you can use these services for your daily work. The bus line services is Edetania Bus .

Servicio público transporte Paterna
Bus line services Paterna

Urbanizations in Paterna

Paterna is a municipality that has many industrial estates, this means that the population of Paterna increasing daily by the amenities offered live near the workplace. The main population centers are located in the village of Paterna but this core are separated from other points of interest. La Canyada, Terramelar, La Coma and more recently Lloma Llarga are the main areas of expansion of Paterna. As far as we are concerned, La Canyada is presenting a type of construction of villas, the rest generally are urban multi-storey buildings.

Mapa de urbanizaciones de Paterna
Map urbanizations Paterna

Development plan in Paterna

Subject to any question in the municipality of Paterna is best to go to urban area of the City of Paterna, there may resolve any doubt buildable and work permits you need.

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