About us

Chalet Valencia is a specialized real estate in villas of the main urbanizations of the area of Camp del Turia and to a lesser extent from other areas of the province of Valencia. The village par excellence that is known by Chalet Valencia is La Eliana, municipality historically “chaletero” that has led to other municipalities around, Bétera, La Pobla de Vallbona, Ribarroja and San Antonio de Benageber to create urbanizations in all areas near the L’Eliana. To provide greater knowledge of this wonderful area to live include information of each of the urbanization where houses visited. For each of the villas we create a story to explain in detail each property and avoid unnecessary visits.

Our team

The team of Chalet Valencia attend all contact requests, and after analyzing your needs firsthand look within our database of villas and plots, which properties are those that fit your needs. This way you get a great saving of time and know the opinion of experts in real estate consultants villas, to find the best opportunities of the moment. Our team works in collaboration with EspaiNou , real estate Valencia capital area with 20 years experience.

Our publicity

Chalet Valencia devotes much of its resources to publicize its international real estate market thanks to its SEO positioning Google Web efforts, mainly in keywords such as:

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But Chalet Valencia knows that a lot of customers who are interested in interior areas villas come from the domestic market and therefore also dedicated efforts to make us see in that market, linking us at estate directories.


Our advertising supplement comes from the hand of the owners of the villas or plots themselves, thanks to their confidence allow our posters of Chalet Valencia filling the space and publicizing our work style.