If you are looking for a villa in one of the urbanizations of Torrent, you will find here the offer of Chalet Valencia and useful information, such as urban planning, transport or interesting places.

Torrent is very close to the city of Valencia, it is the most populated city in the area of L’Horta Sur, with more than 80 000 inhabitants, and a municipality that has a long tradition of villas, where villas are a extension of its urban center.

Villas in Torrent Valencia

Casa grande con terreno Vedat Torrente

Large house with 10750m2 of land 1km from Vedat Torrente

Ref:54965 - 180.000 €

  • 320m2
  • 10750m2
  • 4
  • 1
  • No

Chalet Calicanto colegio Levante

Villa next to the International School Levante Calicanto

Ref:54719 - 300.000 €

  • 192m2
  • 475m2
  • 4
  • 3
  • Si

Chalet señorial Calicanto Torrent

Chalet señorial orientado al Sur en Calicanto

Ref:40526 - 800.000 €

  • 380m2
  • 1250m2
  • 6
  • 4
  • Si

Chalet de lujo en Torrent

Manor villa in the center of Calicanto Torrente

Ref:46713 - 675.000 €

  • 780m2
  • 2850m2
  • 7
  • 5
  • Si


Real estate in Torrent

Chalet Valencia offers real estate services in Torrent, mainly in urbanizations. On this page you can see the latest villas listed in our villas database for Torrent, but if you would like a more accurate search, visit our villas search page in Valencia.

The objective of Chalet Valencia is to help you find your Torrent villa, by acting as an intermediary in the negotiations between the owner and the buyers and by participating in all the buying and selling procedures.

Torrent Information

You will find below interesting information about buying a house in Torrent. If you need more information for buying or renting a house in Torrent that you do not find on this page, do not hesitate to ask for one of our phone numbers or e-mail addresses of contact.

Schools in Torrent

Torrent City Council, like most municipalities, provides this updated information on its website. You will find the great educational offer that exists for both children and adults, and differentiates public centers, concerted and private. You can find this information in the following link:


If you are looking for a villa and you have school-aged children, it is very important to know not only how far they are from the schools, but also how far they are from where they are going to exercise their extra-curricular activities. In general, the proximity of a villa to an urban area is very important because it avoids a lot of travel time.

Centros educativos Torrent

Transport in Valencia

Another very important aspect is the transport to the city of Valencia. Torrent has good metro service, with 4 stops and 3 subway lines Valencia (lines 1, 2 and 7). It means trains every 10 minutes that take us to the center of Valencia in less than 20 minutes.

Metro Valencia urbanizaciones Torrent

Urbanizations in Torrent

Torrent has in its municipality some of the most famous urbanizations of Valencia, such as El Vedat and Cumbres de Calicanto. But Torrent offers us a very extensive municipality with many urbanizations, many of which are in urban or development land. Check below the urban regulations of each of Torrent’s urbanizations.

Plano guia urbanizaciones Torrent

Urban regulation

Torrent offers on the official website of the municipal council all the information you need to know the urban regulation of each territory of your municipality. To do this, you need to place the villa you want to buy on the guide map, and then download the detailed map of that quadrant.

Plano guía Torrent Valencia

On the detailed map you will find the type of land allocated to your villa. Then you have to look for the meaning in the table on the right, where you put the explanation of the symbols.

Clasificación suelo Torrent

Once we know the land classification, we use the same town planning website of the city of Torrente to open the PDF file of the Torrent Master Plan.


You can use the index of this document to go directly to the page of the regulation you are looking for. In the case of urbanizations. In title 8, you will find the specific rules for each soil type, including specific chapters for specific areas, such as the chapter referring to the El Vedat region.

PGOU El Vedat Normativa urbanistica