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After many years dedicated to real estate we have learned that the greatest satisfaction we can have in our work is the support offered both buyer and seller to advise on each of the moments of the sale or rental of your villa or home.

That support begins at the moment when the seller receives our collaboration to promote and advertise their chalet and allows us to be partakers of help, advice and act as mediators in any contact with a potential buyer, with the confidence that the buyer will previously advised on the type of property that they need and the maximum price that they can be accessed based on their financial information.

From Chalet Valencia know that your house needs a professional to do an intermediary between buyer and seller, to make the uncomfortable questions that sometimes happen and negotiated by both sides for a good purpose, but with rates that do not affect the decision to buy or rent of the house or plot, so we offer our customers tariffs for services that pledge will please all parties.

Attracting offer

The secret of a good sale of a villa is that the customer is really convinced that he has chosen the best option, it is necessary to have a range of properties with which to compare. It is therefore essential search of houses and plots to expand our offer.

To avoid unnecessary visits to the villa or plot we’ll perform a comprehensive report as complete as possible. All information collected, when we are authorized to marketing, it will be shown on our website giving option to be shared by all social networks and other real estate portals.

In every moment we will be available to the owner of the villa or plot to supply any advice. We know that our prices are so affordable that even if it is the owner who directly receive the interest of any person on the property we may contact you to let us intermediaries in the operation.

We never recommend working exclusively because the more options more chances to sell or rent your house, but in some cases that may be of interest then we offer special rates.

Attention to the demand for real estate

Obviously if we do not receive demands inquiring about the villas we market would not be doing our job. We are confident that we can help our customers find the villa or plot looking at Valencia, but if we do not attract attention all will stay in words.
We know it is very common for calls of interest, at least in the region of Valencia, are motivated by posters hung in the same house or plot, but we want to go further, and so our goal is positioning on the Web, and we will use all SEO tools recommended to place our Web in the pole position, reports chalets, interest related articles, unique content, map the convenient and easy to navigate and find content, fast loading images, etc. .. so we get soon appear in Google searches for chalets in any city of Valencia and to receive the demand from potential customers.

On issues of villas and plots regulations usually depend on the location which they belong, any questions you have we will consult with the town planning to give you the best option.

Purchase / Sale, Rent and Rent to own

For what you seek we offer our offer available and we are at your service as intermediary and to give advice in any real estate transaction where you need help at a reasonable price. You can call us or fill the contact form.

Rates for real estate services is a mix of real estate agent and real estate portal, what interests us is to be able to offer more villas better, so we have chosen to offer our services free of charge to the owners of the villas in some cases, for example, based on promotional campaigns. in those villas that come to us via contact form or in cases of exclusivity of real estate poster in a visible place of your villa. In any case Chalet Valencia free services like graphic report, advertising and distribution on social networks. ChaletValencia fees are 3% maximum, with a minimum amount of € 3,000 (tax not included). This allows us to be very competitive in price compared to other real estate.

In the case of long-term rentals, the same advantages apply to the owner as in the sale, with a discount on the rates in case of on-line register or with a real-estate poster. In another case the rates of chaletvalencia are of one month of rent to pay for each part. These advantages allow the owner to advertise their villa or plot without cost also in the case of rent.

Check our Exclusive Buyer Agent services

These service fees are understood in those real estate transactions that take place between individuals, but, in the case of banking houses or plots the price paid by the buyer is always indicating the Bank’s website, without adding any commission . Therefore in the case of banks we just do intermediaries but the price for buying is always the same as if it were directly to the bank, with the difference that we offer the services of intermediaries in all contacts directly charging the bank commission if the sale or rental occur.

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