The urbanization Pla de la Paella of L’Eliana, one of the municipalities of Valencia with more “chaletera” tradition, is characterized by living closely with power plant Iberdrola not go unnoticed landscape its large pylons that cross the villas on the main streets, but not the quantity of services that this urbanization meets the Pla de la Paella, from nursery schools and colleges to hotels.

Villas in urbanization Pla de la Paella L’Eliana Valencia

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Information of Pla de la Paella urbanization of L’Eliana

The urbanization Pla de la Paella of L’Eliana, like other urbanizations of L’Eliana, is open and connects to the streets of the urbanizations of San Antonio de Benageber and forest Vallesa, the great green lung of the city of Valencia.

Schools in the urbanization Pla de la Paella of L’Eliana

Although much of the land of urbanization Pla de la Paella is occupied by the power plant also we found a large section devoted to services. Among this area there is a large educational services offer leading from 0 years in nursery school to 17 years in Colegio Helios ranging from primary to high school.

colegio helios pla de la paella

Services at the urbanization

In the north of this urbanization of L’Eliana overlooking the road from San Antonio to Ribarroja we found ground to tertiary services, allowing the urbanization to have a supermarket Mercadona that serves all nearby towns and a hotel with sports facilities.

Mercadona de La Eliana


The urbanizations of L’Eliana not have their own building regulations but are governed by the general rules of L’Eliana depending on the type of housing that is set for the plot occupied by our chalet. Thus we see the map below classification of urban land in the urbanization of Pla de la Paella, where you can see that in general is set to urban land for housing isolated except for a small area next to the power plant for its age It is regulated as terraced housing.

suelo parcelas pla de la paella

Since the boundaries of L’Eliana and San Antonio de Benageber are not marked when we saw villas along the streets of the urbanizations the map below may be of interest to clarify that streets belong to a municipality or another. It is necessary and important to know the municipality of the villa that we’re looking for sometimes belonging to one or another municipality can lead to substantial differences in contribution taxes and garbage and we also influence the school that our children are assigned.

Map of the urbanization Pla de la Paella

Pla de la Paella

This urbanization of Pla de la Paella, as well as other La Eliana, share streets with San Antonio de Benageber, not a very accurate way to distinguish in that municipality are is to look at the type of construction generally L’Eliana has villas and San Antonio de Benagenber usually townhouses.

Once we saw on the map that the road belongs to the urbanization of Pla de la Paella de L’Eliana can consult the planning regulations in the link provides the website of the City of L’Eliana. In this way we can know the distances and limits we must respect if we do a pool or paella, for example.

Transport to Valencia

The nearest metro station is in the urbanization Entrepinos, about 15 minutes walk. However the bus service to Valencia goes through the same area and leads in just 30 minutes to the center of Valencia. You can check timetables and bus stops on the website of Edetania and Metro Valencia. You can see the timetable 2015-2016.

Bus La Eliana a Valencia

Pictures of the urbanization Pla de la Paella of L’Eliana

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