The urbanization of L’Eliana Montealegre is located in the western part of town and is characterized by its large plots, villas consolidated with tall trees and the high concentration of primary and secondary schools. Among them are the Iale College, whose classrooms are in L’Eliana but its sports facilities are in La Pobla de Vallbona, in a clear example of these urbanizations have been growing over time.

Villas in urbanization Montealegre L’Eliana Valencia

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For sale:480.000€
Chalet a la venta en Montealegre la Eliana

Large villa in urbanization Montealegre L’Eliana

Large villa in the Urbanization Montealegre in La Eliana , very close to Valencia Metro station and 3 schools. This ...
  • 500m2
  • 1250m2
  • 6
  • 4
  • Si

For sale:545.000€
Chalet grande en Montealegre La Eliana

Villa with 1500m2 of plot in Montealegre L’Eliana

Villa in Montealegre de La Eliana urbanization, a few meters from schools, pharmacy, Metro, and a 17-minute drive from the ...
  • 320m2
  • 1527m2
  • 5
  • 4
  • Si

For sale:1.200.000€
Chalet de lujo en Montealegre La Eliana

Luxury villa in Montealegre La Eliana

Chalet Valencia today includes to its offer in La Eliana a luxury villa in the urbanization Montealegre. For those who ...
  • 474m2
  • 963m2
  • 4
  • 4
  • Si

For sale:690.000€
Chalet grande en La Eliana con patio interior

Large villa with a courtyard in Montealegre L’Eliana

Large villa next to schools area, in Montealegre urbanization, less than 1 km from the Valencia Metro stop in L’Eliana, ...
  • 350m2
  • 1535m2
  • 6
  • 4
  • Si

For rent:3.600/m
Espectacular cocina en chalet de lujo en Montealegre L'Eliana

Luxury villa for rent in Montealegre L’Eliana

If you’re looking for rent a luxury villa in La Eliana to enjoy this area of ​​Valencia during a long ...
  • 474m2
  • 963m2
  • 4
  • 4
  • Si

For sale:535.000€
chalet en venta en Montealegre La Eliana Valencia

Villa for sale in Montealegre L’Eliana

We have already commented on Chalet Valencia that urbanization of Montealegre is where most schools there are in L’Eliana and ...
  • 370m2
  • 1628m2
  • 5
  • 4
  • Si


Information about Montealegre urbanization in L’Eliana


L’Eliana establishes a planning regulations by plot type, that means, it not distinguished by urbanizations, establishing a policy based as described the plot to which the villa belongs, that is, in the municipality of L’Eliana, we must see how our plot is described to learn about the planning regulations affecting my house, whether in the urbanization of Montealegre or in any other area of La Eliana it is defined.

Para ello vamos a situar la urbanización de Montealegre dentro de los términos municipales, para ello puedes consultar el siguiente mapa de urbanizaciones de La Eliana, donde puedes encontrar Montealegre a la parte izquierda del pueblo, es decir, dirección Ribarroja.

For that target, we are going to place the urbanization of Montealegre within the municipality, for that we can check the map below of urbanizations of L’Eliana, where you can find Montealegre to the left of the village, that is, direction Riba-roja.

Map of Montealegre urbanization

The urbanization of Montealegre is well known in L’Eliana but the inhabitants of this municipality have sometimes difficult to distinguish the limits of this urbanization. That is because it is an open urbanization that has grown beyond the limits of L’Eliana, motivated by its good location and its high ground. Here you can see on the map the boundaries of streets Montealegre urbanization in L’Eliana.

Mapa Urbanizacion MonteAlegreMap of the Urbanization Montealegre in L’Eliana

We have included in this urbanization of Montealegre to the small resort of Torre del Virrey, consisting of villas there are between the listed building and the Torre del Virrey and station of Metro L’Eliana.

Particularly striking is the variety of urbanizations that have been moving around, initially for the benefit of the lower price of land belonging to La Pobla de Vallbona or Riba-roja and also by having a cheaper IBI. Being different urbanizations carries no apparent difference and it is very difficult to know sometimes that municipality if we do not know the city well. Often one street separates two municipalities and although apparently are the same are governed by different planning requirements and different rates and services.

If we have already determined the location of our villa and belongs to the urbanization of Montealegre we can see in the picture below the type of building that the city of La Eliana allows us to build.

PlanoCalificacionesSueloLaEliana Urbanis Map L’Eliana

Almost all of the urbanization of Montealegre is classified as SU AIS (Urban Land Isolated), dedicated to the construction of detached villas. But it draws attention to the large number of blue public facilities identify areas that identify the location of the 3 schools, one public, one private and another concluded that add value to this urbanization.

Confirmed on the map that our plot allows the urbanization of L’Eliana, you can consult planning regulations allowed in the planning of the City of La Eliana . Here you can see the rules you need to know for new construction, reform of pool…

Schools in Montealegre urbanization of L’Eliana

It is worth special mention the large accumulation of primary schools, secondary and high school in this urbanization, where are concentrated 3 of the 8 schools that can be found in La Eliana. Having a school nearby when looking for a house can be as important as proximity to urban center or area of services and shops, and in this case Montealegre can offer a range of the most extensive in number and variety, from the public school CP Montealegre , school concerted Rivas Luna or the private school Iale , one of the best known in and outside of L’Eliana given its international character, since the factory IBM began to attract people from other lands to this municipality.

Foto antigua colegio IALE Montealegre

Transport to Valencia

Just walk us off 5 to 15 minutes depending on which part of the urbanization of Montealegre meet. This allows us access to two major public transport services in the municipality of La Eliana, metro and bus. In case of need L’Eliana also offers taxi service. Here you can view the schedules for bus and subway to date 2015, for safety access the website Edetania and metro .

Bus La Eliana a Valencia

Pictures of the Montealegre urbanization in L’Eliana

What place is the one you like most about this urbanization of Montealegre in L’Eliana, if you have a photo to share send us and we add it to the gallery.

Commentaries about villas in Montealegre urbanization

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