The urbanization Entrepinos, as its name suggests, has always stressed on La Eliana by large trees and large plots. The owners of these houses look the proximity of L’Eliana and all the services offered but with the independence of a very quiet green nature as breathing this urbanization Entrepinos is surrounded by the green lung of Valencia, forest Vallesa, preferred destination for walking and cycling tours around the area.

Villas in urbanization Entrepinos La Eliana Valencia

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Information of Entrepinos urbanization in La Eliana


Unlike other municipalities in Valencia, La Eliana does not determine the standard of our urban villa urbanization based on where it is located but how is classified the plot of land where the villa is located belongs. In the case of urbanization Entrepinos not going to be many doubts whether we are in a villa Entrepinos because the limits of this urbanization are the clearest of all L’Eliana, it is delimited by the road between San Antonio de Benageber with Ribarroja and power plant REE .

Map of the Entrepinos urbanization in L’Eliana

Viewing the map on this urbanization Entrepinos in La Eliana not unnoticed happens all the greenery surrounding the complex, it is able to reduce car traffic as the streets do not serve on the way to nowhere. Only the bike path that runs through the urbanization is one that can continue inward Forest La Vallesa to go out to the urbanization La Canada of Paterna.

Mapa callejero Entrepinos La Eliana Chalet Valencia

The following map of the City of L’Eliana we can see soil classification offered by the urban plan of the municipality, where you can see that except for a small group of townhouses, the rest of the urbanization is qualified as SU AIS (Urban Land isolated), that means, independent isolated chalets. Despite not having tertiary ground there are certain services within the urbanization, such as gas station and a small hotel charm .

PlanoCalificacionesSueloLaEliana Map de calificación del suelo en Urbanization Entrepinos de L’Eliana

Once we know that the planning regulations of our villa in L’Eliana is kind SU AIS we must turn to the standards the town hall of L’Eliana in Valencia set for this type of construction, from the link can go straight to the urban plan on the official website of the City. This information will let you know, ie, as distance to the neighboring pool, maximum height of the fence to the street, etc …

Aerial photo of Entrepinos

This aerial image shows the northwestern part of the urbanization Entrepinos, where at the top we see the roundabout which gives access to the urbanization. The picture already has a few years because the water tank that appears at the top was demolished in 2014.

Urbanización Entrepinos desde el aire

Metro stop at Entrepinos

Urbanization Entrepinos is, like its neighbor Montesol, a lucky to have this shuttle so close to the villas. At no time conceivable that the sound meter to affect the tranquility of the village, not even the villas with subway to the door of its house, since the metro runs every half hour and is separated by a woods that prevents low noise it can produce.

Parada Entrepinos La Eliana

Pictures of the Entrepinos urbanization in L’Eliana

Entrepinos is a large urbanization but nevertheless, except the gas station and the hotel we have noted, does not collect any extra amenities, such as schools, supermarkets, nurseries, pharmacies, etc …, this urbanization is almost exclusively independent villas enjoy the tranquility, open spaces and lots of trees around them. If you have any interesting photo of Entrepinos to users of Chalet Valencia do not hesitate to send.

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