El Paraiso urbanization in La Eliana is the first urbanization that you can find in L’Eliana if you enter by CV-35 motorway, so all houses have quick access to the highway and as discussed below are very close to shopping, sports area, schools and institutes and town. A perfect complex if we want our villa very close to all amenities and communications.

Villas in urbanization El Paraíso L’Eliana Valencia

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El Paraiso urbanization of L’Eliana

We collect information from El Paraiso of L’Eliana will interest you if you are looking to come to live in a villa of L’Eliana near Valencia. In the map below you can see El Paraiso is close to all attractions, schools and colleges, sports, shopping center, city center of the town and access to the CV-35 motorway to Valencia. In this El Paraiso urbanization we will also include villas and plots adjoining developments, urbanization La Almassereta and urbanization Los Almendros.

 Map El Paraiso urbanization of L'Eliana (Valencia )
Map El Paraiso urbanization of L’Eliana (Valencia)

Schools and colleges in El Paraíso urbanization of L’Eliana

El Paraiso urbanization, which include the developments of La Almassereta and Los Almendros of L’Eliana in Valencia, include within their plots all mandatory educational offer, with a primary school education, College Garbi , and IES L’Eliana where secondary school, high school and vocational various specialties offered.

In addition to these centres, which can easily walk from your villa, L’Eliana has a wide educational offer includes students from both L’Eliana as other municipalities of Valencia. In the map below you can see the location of all centres.

 Map of location of educational centres in L'Eliana
Map of location of educational centres in L’Eliana

Traffic streets urbanization El Paraiso

As urbanization El Paraiso of La Eliana is close to many of the services offered by the municipality of Valencia has some streets with heavy traffic. This is a point we have to consider the purchase of our villa, but we think that this traffic is reduced almost to 0 once the nearby shops closed. All traffic always flows through the same streets, on this map you can see in blue the busiest streets in green and moderate traffic, all other streets are only internal traffic of urbanization.

Map of traffic in El Paraíso urbanization of L'Eliana Valencia
Map of traffic in El Paraíso urbanization of L’Eliana Valencia

Public transport L’Eliana Valencia

The fact of El Paraiso so close to all the services we can afford not need a car to go shopping, to school or to sport, where usually you have to bring the kids every day, something very common in the L’Eliana. If we can afford the luxury of not needing vehicle then it is very important to have a public transport service that leads to Valencia or Lliria quickly. For this El Paraiso has a prime location, it has even step 2 bus lines that make this route and connect us with the centre of Valencia in less than half an hour.

On the map below you can see where the bus stops and both underground, the latter a little further. The schedules can consult the websites of Valencia Metro and Edetania Bus .

 Public tansport L'Eliana Valencia
Public tansport L’Eliana Valencia


Like other urbanizations of L’Eliana, municipality near Valencia, this town planning regulations established for the entire term alike. That is, establishes a planning regulations by type of housing that has been established for each plot in the municipality. Therefore only need to find your plot on the map of urban qualifying and see what kind of soil is defined, generally in L’Eliana willas are usually allowed, verify in this map.

Click to enlarge the urban map of L'Eliana
Click to enlarge the map

In this map of the City of L’Eliana you can see that next to El Paraiso are many areas of land for tertiary use and services, usually defined like SU AIS, ie urban plot for villas isolated, with this information we can now turn to the rules established by the City of L’Eliana for this type of construction that can be found in the urban plan of the City of L’Eliana . This way you know how you can build a fence or build your pool or paella.

Sport center L’Eliana

In the same urbanization El Paraiso, particularly in the area of the Los Almendros, is the sports center of L’Eliana , a meeting place for all young people who practice sports in La Eliana, which brings daily are given multiple federated clubs who train every day, making L’Eliana a city connected with the sport, as was recently recognized by the President COE Spanish Olympic Committee, giving this city the honor of being the first Valencian town in history to host the Olympic Day .

Sport Center L'Eliana Valencia
Sport Center L’Eliana Valencia

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