The municipality of Moncada is very close to the municipality of Godella, both are part of the region of L’Horta, only 8 km north of the city of Valencia and only 7 km from the coastline of coastline with long stretches of beaches. This great proximity to Valencia and its beaches offer a special value to these municipalities, reinforced largely by its easy communication with Metro to the center of Valencia in just 20 minutes. The municipality of Moncada has an area of 1,560 ha., The land is fairly flat with higher levels in the West and Northwest area. The inhabited areas are in the city of Moncada, El Barrio de los Dolores, San Isidro de Benágever, Barrio del Pilar, Las Torres and Masias, one of the main developments of villas of this municipality.


Historically, the population of Moncada has been distributed to the village, the urbanization of Masias and a set of scattered in the garden area which has led to a dispersed settlement nuclei. The relationship and importance between the two types of settlement (concentrate / spread) has undergone major fluctuations over the years. With a current population of about 22,000 inhabitants, the municipality of Moncada bordered on the northwest by Bétera and Naquera, on the southwest with Valencia, particularly the districts of Masarrochos and Benifaraig, and beyond with Godella, northeast with Musseros, Albalat dels Sorells Foios and southeast and with Alfara del Patriarca.

Mapa ubicación municipio de Moncada
Location map municipality of Moncada

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About Moncada

For many Valencians name Moncada relates to Seminario, because in 1948 the Archbishop inaugurated the building where future priests are formed. In recent decades the vocation for this profession has decreased and the archbishopric properties have accommodate thousands of students who have come to give life to the building and all the quiet town of Moncada. Undoubtedly the seminar is linked to the history of Moncada, where many of his neighbors helped with donations for its construction. Currently the CEU foundation has the use of 2 pavilions of the Seminar.

Urbanizations in Moncada

The main urbanization in Moncada is Masias, on the outskirts of the city of Moncada towards Betera. This is a urbanization that carries a lot of history and where it has always been tradition of villas, mainly isolated and with land to devote to orchards and gardens. For planning information within the municipality of Moncada you can check this link urbanism City of Moncada .

Polideportivo La Pelosa
Polideportivo La Pelosa


Basic communication networks of the municipality of Moncada, mainly are the CV-308 road, intercity bus service connecting the town of Moncada with the different neighborhoods and developments and train services offered by Metro Valencia. The municipality of Moncada has 3 Metro stops, Moncada-Alfara, Seminari-CEU and Masies. You can check the timetables of this public transit in the Metro Valencia website.

Servicio Metro Valencia en Moncada
Metro Valencia in Moncada

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