The urbanization Montepilar of L’Eliana is found south of the metro station L’Eliana, where we find the Montepilar supermarket that carries so many years serving this urbanization and all their villas every day. Currently include your tennis academy high performance and senior center in addition to the variety of colleges available in the neighboring urbanizations.

Villas in urbanization Montepilar L’Eliana Valencia

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Information about Montepilar urbanization in L’Eliana


The municipality of L’Eliana, in the area of Camp del Turia Valencia, establishes a planning regulations depending rated as the floor of the plot where the house is located. In this case it doesn’t depend on the urbanization to which one belongs but how the plot has been described.

The importance of knowing if our house belongs to the urbanization of Montepilar is simply to ensure that belongs to L’Eliana and is governed by the rules of L’Eliana. This may sound simple but it is not when we don’t know well the urbanization because there are streets where part belongs to L’Eliana and the other side belongs to Ribarroja. To solve this we’ve provided a street indicating the boundaries of urbanization and in this case the municipality of L’Eliana.

Map of the Montepilar urbanization

Montepilar urbanization of L’Eliana is an open urbanization, rising in the subway station of L’Eliana and climb to the top of the hill until you find the municipality term of Riba-roja. Its streets bordering the urbanizations of Montealegre de L’Eliana and Parque Montealcedo, Montealcedo, Entrenaranjos and Santa Rosa of Riba-roja. A whole cluster of urbanizations that coexist in harmony.

Mapa urbanización Montepilar La ELiana

If we have confirmed that our house belongs to the urbanization of Montepilar we can see in the picture below the type of building that the city of L’Eliana allows us to build. This will give us how our land is qualified.

PlanoCalificacionesSueloLaEliana Urban map of Montepilar urbanization

Almost all Montepilar urbanization is classified as SU AIS (Urban Land Isolated), dedicated to the construction of detached villas. It belongs to this urbanization the parking area enabled Metro Station and the green area of the ravine of Mandor.

Once we were able to confirm that our plot allows to this urbanization we can consult the regulations in the planning of the City of L’Eliana . Thus we can know that reforms or buildings can accomplish.

Information of Montepilar urbanization in L’Eliana

La pinaeta del Cel

Within the urbanization of the area Montepilar we include chalets of La Pinaeta del Cel, which is notable for very tall pines in very large plots, all very close to the subway line.

The ravine of Mandor

All water collection L’Eliana comes into this ravine historically want to be urbanized and suitable for integration with the area of villas. It has improved a lot lately but expected more from this project in the future.

Barranco de Mandor Estación MontesolRavine Mandor from Montepilar

Price of villa in Montepilar urbanization

The prices of villas often change depending on the municipality to which they belong but in cases like these where urbanizations of different municipalities are glued prices are equalized within the same area, although not belonging to the same municipality. This applies, for example Montepilar and Montealcedo, where the price of the plots is almost the same, only affected by variables such as if cornerback or views you may have. In these cases there may even be some advantage to belong to developments Ribarroja or La Pobla de Vallbona paying less tax contribution than La Eliana.

Transport to Valencia

The great advantage of this urbanization is its proximity to metro station of L’Eliana direction Valencia or Lliria, with also proximity to stop Montesol. We can also use the bus to Valencia, you can see the 2015 schedule date.

Bus La Eliana a Valencia

Pictures of Montepilar urbanization in L’Eliana

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