The urbanization Hendaya in L’Eliana , as discussed below, is one of the urbanizations of L’Eliana with less traffic since construction of the CV-35 cut direct access to this area, but on the other hand is of Hendaye urbanizations more has removed public transport services.

Villas in urbanization Hendaya L’Eliana Valencia

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Hendaya urbanization in L’Eliana

Then collect information from Hendaye 72 urbanization of L’Eliana will interest you if you are looking to come live L’Eliana near Valencia.

Colleges and institutes near Hendaya

The urbanization of Hendaya is located in the northeastern part of the municipality of L’Eliana, you have access to schools and colleges of L’Eliana and schools in San Antonio de Benageber, by the close proximity to the new Institute of San Antonio y al Colegio Imperial San Vicente Ferrer, both less than 10 minutes away. In the map below you can see the map with the location of all schools and colleges in L’Eliana.

Map  schools and colleges in L'Eliana
Map with the location of all schools and colleges in L’Eliana

Residential streets traffic

Since the construction of the new CV-35 highway between the towns of L’Eliana and Valencia with this urbanization no longer has direct access to the highway. This is achieved reducing traffic in the urbanization of Hendaya and only found the traffic that cause them residents of the village with their comings and goings. In the map below you can see how the urbanization of Hendaya has not streets with heavy traffic.

 Traffic density in L'Eliana Valencia
Traffic density in L’Eliana (Valencia)

Public Transport L’Eliana Valencia

The urbanization of Hendaya is the urbanization of L’Eliana has far more public transport services to Valencia, but since the term is not very large safe in the map below you can see if any of the points or metro stop bus can serve. The schedules can consult the websites of Valencia Metro and Edetania Bus

 Public Transport L'Eliana Valencia
Public Transport L’Eliana Valencia


The urbanization of Hendaya is governed by the same planning regulations that entire municipality of L’Eliana, that is, we see the plot of land where our villa is located on the map of urban classification of the City of L’Eliana and see what kind of housing it allows it. To do this you must first consult the map of soil classification of L’Eliana that we show below.

Map soil classification Hendaya L'Eliana Valencia
Click to enlarge the map Hendaya La Eliana

On the map we can see that most of the villas in this urbanization are the type SU AIS (Villas Detached) but we found several groups of houses that are marked as SU ADO (semi-detached houses), once we have found our plot and knowing the type of housing that allows the City of L’Eliana can already access the text of the urban rule governing each type of villa in the urban plan of the City of L’Eliana . You can see the rules you need to know for both new construction and for a reform of pool or paella.

Map of the urbanization Hendaya

We will include a map on this page with the limits for Hendaya consider urbanization as these limits are not collected by the municipality of L’Eliana and may vary according to the owner who you ask.

Map Urbanization Hendaya L'Eliana Valencia

Sports Hendaya 72

I am not from this urbanization and don’t know if it was the loss of access to the road of urbanization that removed to this sports complex the importance it had in past years. There is still evidence of its great facilities and restaurant than they were a few years ago when his posters were announced to everyone who passed by the CV-35 the name of this urbanization.

Polideportivo Hendaya 72 en La Eliana
Sport Complex Hendaya 72 L’Eliana

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