Terrain urbain dans l’urbanisation Montepilar La Eliana

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In the urbanization of Montepilar L’Eliana, on a plot of more than 1200m2 we find this villa with tennis court. It is a great opportunity because it has the option to buy separately the plot with the tennis court, this supposes the opportunity to buy a renovated villa only 9 years ago, with parquet floor for a good price. The house has 4 bedrooms and a bathroom. It is complete with pool, paella and a second bathroom on the outside. We will see in detail this villa with tennis court in Montepilar L’Eliana.

Exterior villa with tennis court in L’Eliana

The plot has a total of 1228m2, with approximate dimensions of 41 meters wide by 31 meters deep. The house is built in the East area, leaving in the West the tennis court, with the possibility of separating in 2 different plots. From the street we have entrance by covered garage area and by pedestrian gate that leads directly to the entrance terrace.

Jardineras en zona de entrada a la casa
Planters in entrance area to the house

The exterior is prepared to not have much maintenance. Without a doubt the most striking of the large plot is the tennis court, which offers a private area where we practice our favorite sport, whether tennis, or any other that we can practice on this court. The covered garage offers a little wall in the area of the tennis court where children can play to the pediment.

Pista de tenis en La Eliana
Tennis court in L’Eliana

The construction of the house is simple, straight lines. Paint the exterior white can quickly offer a modern look. Between the tennis court and the house we find very well kept garden areas that lead us to the interior of the plot of the villa in Montealcedo L’Eliana.

Lateral Oeste de la casa en Montealcedo con pista de tenis
West side of the villa with tennis in Montealcedo

Inside the plot there is a paved area ideal for meetings with family and friends, near the area of paella and pool. From here we can access the upper terrace, with beautiful views to all the surroundings. In the southeast corner, next to the swimming pool, there is an outdoor bathroom.


Gran terraza en cubierta superior
Large terrace at the top of the house

Back to the entrance area by the East area you will find the pool. It is an old construction pool with exterior steps. It does not have a water purifier but it has nice views. Passing the pool of this villa with tennis court in Montepilar we will arrive to the main terrace of access to the house.

Piscina chalet con pista de tenis
Pool villa with tennis court


Interior villa with tennis court in Montealcedo

From the terrace of this villa with tennis court we enter to the hall. In the hall we have a double door on the right that leads to the living room and other door to access to the hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom. The kitchen, as we will see, has access from the dining room.


The living / dining room overlooks the street entrance and the tennis court area. From the dining room there is access to the kitchen. The kitchen of this villa in Montepilar L’Eliana has exit door to the exterior of the plot, facing South and where the paella area is, ideal complement to the kitchen in numerous meetings of friends and family.

Salón comedor chalet Montepilar La Eliana
Living room villa in Montepilar La Eliana
Cocina chalet con pista de tenis La Eliana
Kitchen villa with tennis court in La Eliana

The villa with tennis court in Montepilar L’Eliana is complete with 4 bedrooms and a bathroom. The room area has access by hallway that is born in the hall, which offers independence of the day area of the house. If you need more information about this chalet with tennis court in Montepilar L’ELiana, with the opportunity to segregate and sell separately, fill in the contact form.

Chalet con pista de tenis y 4 habitaciones
Villa with tennis court and 4 bedrooms
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Agua potable, Luz eléctrica, Alcantarillado, Gas ciudad
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