Brand new villa in Montepilar L’Eliana

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  • 600m2
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The construction sector has resurfaced with a large number of chalets with modern designs. In this case we have a luxury villa under construction near the town of La Eliana, in the urbanization of Montepilar, less than 1km from the Valencia Metro stop in L’Eliana and in a well connected street with quick access by car. The plot has 600m2 and the house under construction has 2 floors and an independent basement next to the pool. The house is sold fully finished and with luxury finishes, such as central heating with underfloor heating. We will see more details of this villa under construction in Montepilar L’Eliana .

Exterior villa under construction in Montepilar

The exterior of the villa under construction in luxury Montepilar is located on a corner plot of 600m2, with an almost square shape of 26 meters of main facade by 24 meters of lateral façade. The main entrance is on the east facade of the plot, with 2 doors, a sliding door for vehicles and another simple pedestrian door. The entrance area is the widest and is where the pool is located. Next to the pool, currently under construction, we have an auxiliary house where you can find the basement access, an outside bathroom and the paellero. The basement has a vent next to the pool that is part of the modern exterior decoration.


Luxury villa in Montepilar L’Eliana

The interior of this villa in the urbanization Montepilar de L’Eliana has luxury finishes. Built on 2 floors, it has approximately 100m2 on each floor. The ground floor consists of a hall where there are stairs and a bathroom that separates 2 large areas, a lounge area with fireplace with beautiful views of the pool and another large kitchen area with dining area.

The first floor has a large distributor with living area, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of the bathrooms is integrated into the main bedroom that has a dressing room. We also find on this floor a small terrace with stairs to go up to the solarium. The whole house has luxury materials, such as underfloor heating.

If you need more information about this villa under construction in the urbanization Montepilar de L’Eliana, 17 minutes by car from the city of Valencia and very close to the town of L’Eliana, fill out the contact form of Chalet Valencia.

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Detached villa : Basement, ground floor and first
For sale
Condition (0-10)
Year of construction
547.000 €
No tiene habitación de fácil acceso
Common zones
Private areas
Piscina, Paellero, Terraza cubierta, Baño exterior
m2 of basement
Contractable supplies
Agua potable, Luz eléctrica, Alcantarillado, Gas ciudad
Paredes lisas, Diseño moderno, Suelo de parket, Buen aislamiento, Suelo radiante, Armarios empotrados
Less than 2km
Colegio, Metro, Autobús, Farmacia, Casco urbano, Zona comercial, Zona verde, Veterinario
m2 plot
m2 built
Number of rooms
Number of baths
Natural gas boiler
Air conditioner
AC pre-installed
Encimera de inducción, Mesa para 4, Lavadero independiente
Managed by bank
Land clasification GVA