Spectacular villa 25 minutes from the city of Valencia

  • 363m2
  • 1080m2
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No doubt we all wanted to enjoy a pool like this one, which is summed up in 1 word, spectacular, this villa for sale in the municipality of Chiva in one of its main developments, enjoys a privileged location , which gives it an exceptional character, and that only when entering to see it one falls totally in love. The villa is without a doubt spectacular, not only for the view it has on the pool and the garden, but also for its house, with its large spaces, its luxury qualities and its modern and functional design. A spectacular luxury villa, 25 minutes drive from the city of Valencia and at a great price.

The villa has a plot of 1080m2, with access to 2 streets, one in the north overlooking the spectacular pool, and another entrance from the south. The pool is located at the east end of the plot, ideal for enjoying the sun in the morning and the sunrise from almost anywhere in the house. The villa makes the most of the slope of the mountain, with easy access from the ground floor floor and pool. The basement is completely open to the outside, with a large terrace where there is access to the machine room of the pool. From all points of this villa offers spectacular views.

The house has 330m2 built on 4 floors. The basement has 100m2 with natural light and direct access to the pool. The whole house is oriented to the southeast, it is the best orientation that offers the sun inside the house only in winter, when you need it. It is a pleasure to enjoy these spectacular views from almost anywhere in the house. A villa made to enjoy but also with all the comforts to live all year round, with central heating. A modern luxury villa just 25 minutes from the city of Valencia and with spectacular views.

Dormitorio con espectaculares vistas Chalet Valencia

Outside, we have a pretty covered paellero, ideal place for meetings with friends or family. Inside the paellero we have enough space to eat, but we also have a bed and a bathroom, which can therefore be used as a guest house. A perfect complement to this spectacular villa in Chiva.

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Detached villa : Basement, ground floor, first and attic
No available
Condition (0-10)
Year of construction
345.000 €
Si, tiene habitación en planta baja
Common zones
Private areas
Piscina, Zona verde, Paellero, Terraza cubierta, Cenador, Baño exterior
m2 of basement
Contractable supplies
Agua potable, Luz eléctrica
Paredes lisas, Diseño moderno, Buen aislamiento, Alarma, Video portero - Video portero, Armarios empotrados, Mallorquinas
Less than 2km
Autobús, Zona verde
m2 plot
m2 built
Number of rooms
Number of baths
Oil boiler
Air conditioner
Encimera de gas, Mesa para 4, Lavadero independiente
Managed by bank