Opportunity villa in urbanization Montealcedo

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  • 720m2
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ChaletValencia incorporates its offer in the urbanization of Montealcedo Ribarroja an interesting villa on one floor. It is solidly built villa and structure in good condition, without knowing when built, it offers some modern appearance with its straight lines and flat roofs. With some reform we can get a modern villa in one of the best areas near L’Eliana, very close to all Metro services and shops. The large area of land in the southeastern part, in front of the house, offers many possibilities for expansion. Let’s see in detail this opportunity Montealcedo villa in the urbanization.

Exterior opportunity villa in urbanization Montealcedo

The exterior of the villa has a little more than 700m2, located in one of the highest areas of the Montealcedo urbanization, which therefore offers the opportunity to have great views, mainly to the southeast, as the plot is a small unevenness to this part. The entrance is therefore at the bottom of the plot and the house is situated at the highest point. From the entrance the villa has a large cement area where we could park several cars. Next to the parking area is an area of garden, ideal if you like the car culture, here we have a beautiful view of the house, which highlights its main terrace.

Huerto auto cultivo chalet Valencia
self-cultivation villa in Valencia

The plot area is spacious and offers space in front of the house for easy expansion if you need more meters inside the house. Also the terrace of the house is large and can serve to provide more meters of housing, moving a new terrace to the center and drawing the straight lines of the house to get a modern villa to our liking on one floor and large space forward to a nice garden.

Terraza chalet urbanización Montealcedo
Terrace villa urbanization Montealcedo

The pool area is located in the southwestern part of the plot, to the left of the house. The pool does not have a sewage treatment plant, but if it offers an ideal opportunity to open a new south terrace if seize the current terrace space to expand housing. In short, a villa that you can use to live but can offer many possibilities for improvement. The pool area is complete with a paellero.

Piscina oportunidad chalet Montealcedo
Piscina oportunidad chalet Montealcedo

Next to the pool and terrace villa has a seating area with a table for gatherings of friends and family. From here we can see the access to storage in the gaps pool and terrace.

Oportunidad chalet urbanización Montealcedo
Opportunity villa urbanization Montealcedo

Interior del chalet en urbanización Montealcedo

Inside the cottage is maintained and in good condition to live well if we need more space, because the house has a total area of 80m2. It has air conditioning installed, which is ideal for living all year. The entrance is on the main terrace, with direct access to the small living room. From the living room with fireplace born the hallway leading to the other rooms, kitchen and bathroom.



In short, this villa in the urbanization of Montealcedo Ribarroja, along L’Eliana, well connected by road and Metro with Valencia and uptown and fully consolidate, gives you the opportunity to live in a villa offering a large plot with many options very simple improvement. To visit the chalet or learn more fill out the contact form.

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Detached villa : Ground floor
No available
Condition (0-10)
Year of construction
165.000 €
Si, tiene habitación en planta baja
Common zones
Private areas
Piscina, Zona verde, Paellero, Terraza cubierta
m2 of basement
Contractable supplies
Agua potable, Luz eléctrica, Alcantarillado, Gas ciudad
Rejas, Persianas
Less than 2km
Colegio, Autobús, Farmacia, Casco urbano, Zona comercial, Zona verde, Veterinario
m2 plot
m2 built
Number of rooms
Number of baths
Electric heating
Air conditioner
AC installed
Encimera de gas
Managed by bank