Modern villa next to L’Eliana

  • 180m2
  • 600m2
  • 5
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Available for sale

If you know the area of L’Eliana sure you know this promotion of design villas that are in the urbanization Montesano, opposite the center of L’Eliana and 16km from Valencia. This was only 7 years ago one of the most modern and groundbreaking urbanizations next to L’Eliana and still is, both when to start going on sale costing € 500,000 as now after the crisis have fallen and adjusted its price. The villa of modern design next to L’Eliana that we present today has been cared for by its owner from the beginning, allowing you to display an excellent maintenance and a few extras including finishes and improvements over the years.

Modern design next to L’Eliana

Montesano has always looked to L’Eliana, as it is the nearest town center which can be easily reached on foot within minutes. This has given great value to this area which has easy freeway access to all the services of La Eliana, but also the independence and quality of the urbanization Montesano with all services. This has been enough to attract luxury urbanizations such as we have today, with modern design and luxury finishes.

Modern design villa plot

The plot of this semi-detached house in Montesano with modern design next to L’Eliana is larger than usual for semi-detached houses, which allows you to have space to have all the elements we look for our villa or house. As we have seen the pool occupies the front, looking for the best southeast facing villa, that offers sun all day. The amplitude of the plot allows to have covered parking for cars in the front before coming to the pool area, with exquisite modern design with wooden floors.

Chill Out area

If we go forward in the plot are more modern design in this plot in Montesano, next to L’Eliana, this is your Chill Out area to relax halfway between the pool and barbecue area that we encounter later. From this area we can see the palm trees with pool cleaning do enjoy the summer nights.

Chill Out chalet Montesano La Eliana Valencia

Paellero modern design

If we continue towards the inside of the semi-detached house of modern design find an area of meeting family and friends, large and independent, integrated housing and paellero modern design terrace that includes everything you need to enjoy all kinds of celebrations, refrigerator, bedplate, sink and cabinets enough to not have to use the kitchen if we wish.

Paellero de diseño moderno

Inside the semi-detached house

The interior design of the villa next to L’Eliana is spread over 2 floors, the ground floor includes a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, the rest rooms, dressing room and bathroom is found on the first floor, which allows separating the area deprived of the rest of the villa.


Modern kitchen

The main thing when we talk about modern design in a home is light, this kitchen is full of light and gives life to a large modern kitchen with a small table to eat in the same kitchen. Luxury finishes. The kitchen has a gallery with separate laundry.

cocina con mucha luz chalet valencia

Living room

We keep talking about light, and what better than a living room with large windows facing south to let the sun in winter and allow us to heat the house without turning on the central heating by natural gas or air conditioner available in the villa. The finishes of modern design flood this space that serves gathering of the villa and about to step into the pool area.

espectacular salón chalet valencia

Minimalist rooms

Rooms seek the light of each of the outer points of the villa included the south center room that has enviable views over the “skyline” of L’Eliana orientation. Following in the modern style villa finishes are luxurious, minimalist design.

Habitación minimalista chalet valencia

The design is not incompatible with the practical, and what better than a dressing perfectly sized to have all our clothes, always respecting the quality and design of this villa next to L’Eliana.

vestidor chalet moderno la eliana valencia

Designer bathrooms Montesano L’Eliana Valencia

Finally the report mention the bathrooms, in line minimalist modern design, always with lots of light and space. It has 3 bathrooms, 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs. Here we show one of them, but it is best to personally see this great villa that by design, finishes and location you fall in love.

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Semidetached villa : Ground floor and first
For sale
Condition (0-10)
Year of construction
395.000 €
Si, tiene habitación en planta baja
Common zones
Private areas
Piscina, Zona verde, Paellero, Garaje cubierto, Terraza cubierta, Jardín, Cenador
m2 of basement
Contractable supplies
Agua potable, Luz eléctrica, Alcantarillado, Gas ciudad
Paredes lisas, Diseño moderno, Buen aislamiento, Video portero - Video portero, Armarios empotrados, Persianas
Less than 2km
Colegio, Metro, Autobús, Farmacia, Casco urbano, Zona comercial, Zona verde, Veterinario
m2 plot
m2 built
Number of rooms
Number of baths
Natural gas boiler
Air conditioner
AC installed
Encimera de inducción, Península, Mesa para 2, Lavadero independiente
Managed by bank