Brand new villa Hendaya L’Eliana

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  • 624m2
  • 4
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We all like to brand new things, and more when it is a modern villa in one of the best urbanizations of L’Eliana, with easy access to the city of Valencia in less than 15 minutes. The brand new villa in Hendaya has a plot of 600m2, with a total floor area of 344m2, built on 3 floors, and basement of large dimensions with elevator for more comfort. These characteristics and many more that we will see, offer us a villa for sale of luxury to brand new in the urbanization Hendaya of L’Eliana, to 15km of Valencia.

Exterior brand new villa in Hendaya La Eliana

This brand new villa in the urbanization Hendaya of L’Eliana is located in a quiet street with very little traffic and surrounded by villas with large plots, which offers greater independence. The plot has 600m2 with rectangular shape, with approximate dimensions of 18 meters wide by 33 meters deep. The villa has double sliding door for access to the basement and simple door for pedestrian access to the house.

Plano chalet en parcela
Plan villa in the plot
Imagen proyecto chalet a estrenar Hendaya La Eliana
Picture brand new villa project Hendaya LEliana

The brand new villa is currently under construction FINISHED. As you can see on the map the pool area is the most spacious with enough space for garden and sitting area. From the pool we can see the current situation of the brand new villa and the photos of the project that can be seen in the main image of the report.

Situación actual del chalet a estrenar Hendaya
Current state of the brand new villa in Hendaya

Interior brand new villa in Hendaya urbanization

The brand new villa in the urbanization Hendaya of L’Eliana consists of 3 floors, connected by elevator, which offers great comfort when it comes to increasing the daily purchase from the basement and facilitates mobility for people with difficulty to go up and down stairs . We will start a tour of this modern villa from the basement.

Basement of the brand new villa

Plano sótano chalet a estrenar Hendaya
Plan basement Hendaya LEliana

The most striking of the basement is the central access to the elevator, next to the stairs up to the ground floor. The elevator, of the Swiss brand SCHINDLER, can accommodate seven people, with a stop in the basement, ground floor and first floor. It does not require a booth and is equipped with frequency inverter, this means a low consumption of 2’2 Kw. It has rescuer of people in case of lack of current. Access from the street to the basement is very easy, in a straight line and with little inclination.

Sótano chalet a estrenar La Eliana
Basement brand new villa La Eliana

Ground floor brand new villa L’Eliana

Plano planta baja chalet a estrenar La Eliana
Plan ground floor La Eliana

The ground floor offers a modern style, bright and straight lines, with large area for living and dining room that allows visually joining the entrance area with the pool thanks to its large windows. The ground floor of this villa under construction includes a bedroom, overlooking the entrance of the villa, ideal for office, games or study.

Salón comedor con suelo de mármol Hendaya
Living room Hendaya

The kitchen is very large, with island to the center where you can put a table to eat. It has direct access to the pool terrace and has a separate laundry room. The finishes are luxury, with induction hob and everything necessary for a large family.

Cocina a estrenar con isla central
Brand new kitchen with island
Lavadero con salida exterior
Laundry with exit door

First floor brand new villa Hendaya

Plano primera planta Hendaya
Plan first floor

The first floor of this brand new villa in Hendaya L’Eliana has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one of these bathrooms integrated into the main suite type bedroom. The first floor has 2 terraces, one with access from the distributor overlooking the pool and another with exit from the main room overlooking the entrance from the street. For more information about this brand new villa in the urbanization Hendaya L’Eliana, very close to Valencia, fill in the contact form.

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Detached villa : Basement, ground floor and first
For sale
Condition (0-10)
Year of construction
420.000 €
Si, tiene habitación en planta baja
Common zones
Private areas
Piscina, Zona verde, Garaje cubierto, Jardín
m2 of basement
Contractable supplies
Agua potable, Luz eléctrica, Alcantarillado, Gas ciudad
Paredes lisas, Diseño moderno, Suelo de parket, Buen aislamiento, Video portero - Video portero, Armarios empotrados
Less than 2km
Colegio, Metro, Autobús, Farmacia, Casco urbano, Zona comercial, Zona verde, Veterinario
m2 plot
m2 built
Number of rooms
Number of baths
Natural gas boiler
Air conditioner
AC installed
Encimera de inducción, Isla, Mesa para 4, Lavadero independiente
Managed by bank