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Villas in urbanizations of Naquera Valencia

Chalet en Náquera a 20 minutos de Valencia

Villa in Naquera 20 minutes from Valencia

Villa with large swimming pool in Náquera, 20 minutes from the city of Valencia and 20 minutes from the beaches ...

  • 280m2
  • 2000m2
  • 5
  • 3
  • Si


Mansión en Náquera con gran terreno

Manor in Náquera with 10000m2 of land

Manor in Náquera, on a rustic plot of 10800 m2, comprising luxury housing with 400 m2 built and 3000 m2 ...

  • 400m2
  • 10800m2
  • 4
  • 3
  • Si


La Lloma Picapiedra Chalet Valencia

Villa in urbanization La Lloma Olocau

Villa in the urbanization La Lloma, between the municipalities of Olocau and Bétera. Plot of 980m2, irregular shape. Beautiful entrance ...

  • 120m2
  • 980m2
  • 3
  • 2
  • Si


Chalet en Náquera cerca de la playa

Charming villa in the urbanization Bonanza Náquera

Charming villa located in the urbanization Bonanza, in the municipality of Náquera, towards Museros, near the beach and mountains, 15 ...

  • 126m2
  • 640m2
  • 3
  • 1
  • Si


Chalet Betera Porta Coeli Calderona

Villa in Les Llomes Bétera 25 minutes from Valencia

Villa in good condition to move into the urbanization Les Llomes, very close to the Cartuja Porta Coeli, in the ...

  • 185m2
  • 850m2
  • 5
  • 3
  • Si


Chalet Naquera vistas mar

Villa with sea views in Náquera

Villa for sale overlooking the sea in the municipality of Náquera, with a plot of land of 4200m2, where we ...

  • 140m2
  • 4200m2
  • 3
  • 2
  • Si


Casa con terreno en Bétera

Villa with large plot north of Bétera

Villa with large plot of 3600m2, located north of Bétera, next to the mountains of Sierra Calderona. The villa is ...

  • 150m2
  • 3600m2
  • 3
  • 1
  • Si


Modern villa in a Náquera’s urbanization

Modern villa in residential area located in a urbanization of Náquera, between the towns of Bétera and Náquera, 22 minutes ...

  • 220m2
  • 576m2
  • 3
  • 3
  • Si


Manor villa in Náquera with 500m2 of housing

Manor villa in the municipality of Náquera, just 20 minutes drive from the city of Valencia, with a large plot ...

  • 500m2
  • 1200m2
  • 5
  • 2
  • Si


Oportunidad chalet Naquera pueblo

Opportunity villa with pine forest in Náquera

Opportunity !, If you are looking for a modern style villa with straight lines on one floor, with spectacular pine ...

  • 200m2
  • 2870m2
  • 5
  • 3
  • Si


Information about Naquera

We are currently seeking a villa that serves us so much summer as a place of residence, so often we settle for having a nice view of the mountains in exchange for the villa located near our workplace, but if you do not conform with view the mountains out your window, but you want to enjoy the fresh air on the same mountain, is the ideal town Náquera.

Chalets en Náquera en la misma Sierra Calderona
Villas in Naquera in the same Calderona

Naquera divide their municipality on 2 distinct areas, the plains and the mountains. The plain is a mosaic of fields irrigated crops and rainfed with many points of forests and chalets in urbanizations, canyons and rolling hills. But the main attraction of this town is the mountain area, the Sierra Calderona, declared in 2002 Natural Park for their ecological, landscape and cultural values and whose management office is located in the municipality of Náquera.

Chalets aislados Sierra Calderona
Villas with views to Sierra Calderona

Náquera middle of the last century, driven largely by its attraction as a resort area, undergoes a change in its economy in the late 1950s and mid-60s currently begin to build a large number of houses in new urbanizations, such as the Font del oro, Corral Nou, Collao dels Llops, and many more. This changes the base of the economy Naquera passing from a mainly agricultural economy to a service economy and construction. In our day we can enjoy great mansions enjoy every day of this natural environment.

mansion en naquera valencia
Mansion in Náquera

Schools in Náquera

Náquera is a municipality that still lives largely from tourism and where the villas of the many urbanizations remain in many cases as second residence. This makes the number of inhabitants of Náquera is just over 6000 inhabitants, a number which is maintained from the beginning of the last crisis, and therefore the number of students does not justify the location of a secondary school. Therefore school supply is reduced to nursery and primary education, with Emilio Lluch public school in the centre of town. To access the institute will be necessary to use the school bus.

Transport Naquera to Valencia

The main means of transport in Naquera no doubt that is the proper vehicle, with good roads to get to the AP-7 to connect to any point on the coast or by Betera, if we want to access the services that this village offers , such as institutes and shops.

We also have public transport to Valencia by the bus service offered by Metro Valencia, to connect to the Metro municipalities Náquera and Serra with the Metro Station of Betera. The service is offered by Edetania Bus .

Urbanizations in Naquera

It is difficult to enumerate all the colorful urbanizations that fill all the mountains of Naquera. Some more isolated and others closer to the municipality, it all depends on what we seek to know which one is which interests us. In the map below you can see the names of all of them, where we can highlight, among others, Trencalls, La Lloma, La Carrasca, Bonanza, Mont-ros and San Miguel.

Urbanizaciones en Naquera
Urbanizations in Naquera

Urbanism in Naquera

Náquera has different types of planning regulations depending on the area of the municipality, there is generally common rules that can differ according to which development we are. For that kind of information it is best to go directly to the Urbanism Department of the City of Naquera .

Pictures of Naquera – Valencia

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