The urbanization of Montesol is one of the best known of the town of L’Eliana, from the beginning has hosted in the highest point of the community the cemetery of L’Eliana, who 20 years ago moved to the outskirts but whose facilities continue open, also the urbanization of Montesol is close to urban center of the town and its colleges and it is the only urbanization which currently has 2 metro stations and many bus stops. And many more services that will include at the end, along with the planning information.

Villas in urbanization Montesol La Eliana Valencia

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Information Montesol urbanization of L’Eliana


The municipality of L’Eliana not set their planning regulations based on urbanization or location of the plot but how the parcel is qualified in the general urban plan. That means you do not need to know if our plot belongs to Montesol to know such planning information, just need to find the plot of our villa in the land classification map of L’Eliana.

PlanoCalificacionesSueloLaEliana Map of soil classification in L’Eliana

Once we have located our plot already know the type of soil management that corresponds and thus the kind of reforms or works that we can do. In general Montesol allows in almost all its extension villas, ie, which on the map appears as a small SU AIS except some townhouses in the area of Gran Avenida. Once you know this information consult the urban plan of the City of La Eliana . This way you’ll know data as the maximum height of fence or paella, the distance at which I can build the pool, etc …

Map Montesol urbanization

In urbanizations like Montesol that are open and shared with other urbanizations streets it is very often not easy to distinguish exactly where we are. For that reason we include a map of the boundaries of each urbanization to serve as a support and criteria, because in the case of the municipality of La Eliana City Council does not define clearly the limits of the urbanizations. Based on our experience in the area and people who have helped us we have established the limits of the urbanization of Montesol within the limits of the Avenida Las Delicias, the metro line, the road from San Antonio to Ribarroja and street Papa Juan XXIII where it is the Virgen del Carmen Public School. The City on your map sets urbanization La Masia de Cassany within these limits, but we did not find significant reflection and we decided to include this in Montesol urbanization, like the Las Vegas that although urbanization is not considered an area recognized by that name. Below are the map of Montesol with the limits.

Mapa Urbanización Montesol

Montesol neighborhood association in L’Eliana

Montesol, one of the oldest urbanizations of L’Eliana, maintains long a neighborhood association that seeks to defend and vindicate the reforms needed for its proper functioning, from sewage problems, lighting up any problems arising from public services . Currently the association has extended its scope to the entire term of the L’Eliana and is the creator of LEliana2000 newspaper where all the information collected on the town. In the municipality of L’Eliana you can consult the existing neighborhood associations in this link.

Transport to Valencia

The urbanization of Montesol can be considered to be close to all the main public transportation options to be found in the town of L’Eliana. The subway, the old trenet of L’Eliana, has always stop in this urbanization in the halt of Montesol but for several years the offer is completed with the stop El Clot next to Las Vegas. The schedules are available on the official website valencia meter .

The bus is newer but offers faster service to Valencia Street Angel Guimerá, and as the route passes through the boundaries of the urbanization Montesol can find stop near the villa where we are, we also find the times in the Edetania Bus Website. Here we present times to 2015.

Bus La Eliana a Valencia

Montesol urbanization

Montesol church in La Eliana

Currently it continue being a important meeting point of Montesol, with a park for children and a petanque playground. The building is preserved in perfect condition.

Iglesia de Montesol en La Eliana

The old cemetery of L’Eliana

Another point of historical interest of this urbanization is found in the highest point, the ancient cemetery of L’Eliana, who for more than 20 years ago is no longer active but kept open until the 2043, which will change to green zone. Until its closure was frequently seen going through the streets of the urbanization the funeral procession from the church of L’Eliana to the cemetery down the street Cid. The new cemetery is located on the outskirts towards La Pobla de Vallbona.

The tennis club Las Vegas

An important part of the history of Montesol, has a social club where members can access services swimming pool, restaurant and of course sports facilities.

Club de tenis Las Vegas Montesol La Eliana

The pine forest Ramon Navarrete

The pine forest Ramón Navarrete it is the small green lung of urbanization, where we can find playground and woodland. By its area of tables and great independence is common in the afternoons find groups of kids celebrating a birthday.

Pinada Ramón Navarrete Montesol La Eliana

Pictures of the Montesol urbanization of L’Eliana

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