As mentioned on other occasions municipalities near L’Eliana are filled with villas in the border areas forming new urbanizations. It is also here where the houses in the urbanization of Montesano are much closer to the town of La Eliana than the town of Betera, where you need go for any necessary paperwork.

Villas in urbanization Montesano of Betera

Villas in urbanization Montesano Betera Valencia

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Villa in Montesano Betera

Chalet Valencia is now approaching the municipality of Bétera to see an independent villa in the urbanization of Montesano. Many ...

Modern villa in the urbanization Montesano Bétera

Modern villa in the urbanization Montesano Perigall de Bétera, with a plot of 500m2 and modern housing on 2 floors ...

Villa to renovate in El Perigall Montesano

Villa to reform in the urbanization El Perigall Montesano de Bétera, with all services. The villa is located 2 km ...

Modern villa for sale fully furnished

Interesting villa if you are looking for a modern villa in perfect condition, recently built and fully furnished and decorated ...

Villa with large plot of land in Montesano

Villa with large plot of land in urbanization Montesano, in the area El Perigall de Bétera, very close to the ...

New construction villa in Montesano

New construction villa in the urbanization Montesano of Bétera, El Perigall area, with beautiful views of the Sierra Calderona, plot ...

New construction villa in Montesano Bétera

Chalet Valencia offers you a newly built designer villa in the Montesano urbanization, less than 1km from Decthalon San Antonio ...

Mansion with 20000m2 in La Conarda Bétera

Chalet Valencia opens the doors of a beautiful luxury mansion 20km from Valencia, in a land farm consisting of 3 ...
Chalet Montesano interior moderno

Villa in Montesano with modern interior design

Villa for sale or rent in urbanization Montesano, area north of L'Eliana. The villa has a modern interior design and ...
chalet diseño moderno perigall betera valencia

Modern design villa El Perigall Betera Valencia

Chalet Valencia adds to its offer a luxury villa in the town of Bétera, with modern design, in the urbanization ...

Information Montesano urbanization of Betera

The first thing to consider when looking at a villa in the urbanization of Montesano is fit price and style that we like, but once we decided for that villa then we need to know what municipality belongs. Normally, though the villas are in the same street, if they belong to different municipalities have different names urbanization. In this case it is not, perhaps because the name Montesano predates the establishment of the municipality of San Antonio de Benageber.

Therefore, we must know where the boundaries of each municipality to determine whether the villa urbanization of Montesano belongs to San Antonio de Benageber or Bétera are, as is the case at hand. This issue will determine what urban characteristics our plot has and possible works or reforms we can to do. Remember that as a general rule San Antonio de Benageber always allows more building meters per square meter plot, but always come to the regulations.

Map of the urbanization of Montesano of Betera

Mapa callejero montesano bétera valencia

Once it confirmed that the plot of the urbanization of Montesano belongs to Bétera then we can see the building regulations that the municipality of Bétera has established in its rules of theirs “normas de ordenación pormenorizads del plan general de ordenación urbana que puedes encontrar accediendo a la web oficial del Ayuntamiento de Bétera”.

In this link you will find all kinds of information of interest to our villa in the urbanization of Montesano Betera, from urban maps up cards with information necessary to fence height, distance to boundaries, building permits, etc.

Restaurant Alfonso Montesano Betera

In one of the highest parts of the urbanization of Montesano Betera we find one of the best known points of this urbanization, which for many years has served as a meeting place for the residents of this urbanization. Includes a small sports complex for years met many players pediment.

restaurante alfonso montesano bétera valencia

Neighborhood association in Montesano Betera Valencia

Currently the neighborhood association of Montesano Betera Valencia urbanization continues its work of collecting claims and complaints of the residents of this urbanization and trying to solve them serving as a link with the city of Betera. Recently echoed sewer problems faced by houses and plots of this urbanizations for years.

Asociación de vecinos de Montesano en Bétera Valencia

Transport to Valencia

Pese a que los chalets de la urbanización de Montesano están cerca de La Eliana, quedan muy lejos las paradas de metro, tan solo podemos utilizar la parada de autobús que pasa por la misma carretera CV35 y que hace un trayecto semidirecto desde Liria a Valencia. Los horarios los puedes encontrar en la web de Edetania Bus.

Fotos de la urbanización Montesano de Bétera en Valencia

Although the villas in the urbanization of Montesano are near L’Eliana, they lag far behind the metro, we can only use the bus that goes through the same road CV35 and making a semi-direct route from Liria Valencia. Schedules can be found on the website Edetania Bus . The villas, despite the proximity to the urban area of L’Eliana Valencia, are very connected with nature, surrounded by many undeveloped areas mainly towards the Sierra Calderona.

If you have photos of interest to users of Chalet Valencia do not hesitate to send them to the publish.